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We now have a Reptile Store in the Peterborough , cambridgeshire area so you can now pop in and see what we are up to.

We also now have an large Reticulated Python collection and producing some worlds first morph with retics as well as Boas

We have a passion at Peter Rice Reptiles for Central American Motley Boas and have one of the biggest collections on the planet. I believe a lot of hidden genetics lay within the Central American Motley.

We have produced CA Jungle looking Hypos as well as hypo Motleys and normal Motleys from one Litter.

Please take the time and explore the fascinating world of genetics and there endless possibilities here at Peter Rice Reptiles.

Hope you enjoy the site,
Peter Rice

Super Motley

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Finally laid. Lemonglow Tigers 100% Heterozygous Albino

Finally laid. Lemonglow Tigers 100% Heterozygous Albino. We have been patiently waiting for her to lay and now she has. We can't wait to see these babies


New Peter Rice Reptiles Store has opened in March Cambridgeshire

Due to the demand ,Peter Rice has opened a specialist reptile store in March Cambridgeshire giving expert advice on all aspects of reptile breeding and husbandry. Why not pay us a visit


First Clutch of Retic Eggs to hatch 20-03-2013

First Clutch of retics due on 20-03-2013 We will be hatching Platinum Tigers 100% Heterozygous Albino Platinums 100% Heterozygous Albino Tigers 100% Heterozygous Albino Normals 100% Heterozygous Albino call for prices


New line Dwarf Motley Het Foulsham T+ due 05-04-2013

Will soon be hatching a new line Dwarf Motley 100% Heterozygous Foulsham Line T+


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